Kitty Karina Dagbok 1. juni – 4 juni

We had p.e at school today. In this heat that’s not as comfortable as swimming in the pool. Right after school Sofia and I went to «La marina». This time I didn’t buy so much, but a couple of things had to be bought. We eat at the kebab shop on the roof and just talked, a lot! We alter around in the senter for a while before my dad picked us up and driver us home.
1. June 22:21

Finally weekend again! In fact, the last whole weekend in Spain in a long time. Dad and I met Sofia in Benidorm today, and than we walked around in in the city because some new sunglasses were needed. After a while of walking Sofia and I ended up at the beach without any sunglasses. Simon came after an hour and than we bathed and sunbathed. And after a few hours we met Madelen and Martine and we went and eat on subway with them. When we where finished Madelen and Martine got picked up by their parents, so Sofia, Simon and I took the bus home to Albir, but in Alfaz we met Markus and Ole. Simon went home, while Sofia, Markus, Ole and I went home to my so Sofia and I could change, than we went out in Albir. At first it was a bit awkward because Sofia and I was the only people trying to start a conversation, but after a while we were all very social!
When simon came, we spent the rest of the day at the beach. Late that afternoon we all won’t home to me and talked and laughed. Markus and Ole went home after half an hour or two. Sofia, Simon and I went out in the town, to the beach again and home again after half an hour. Simon went home 02:00 and Sofia slept over.
2. June 3:12

Today we were supposed to go to the Benidorm beach with Simon, Ole and Markus, but when I looked out the window when I woke up there where raining an never before! It cleared up after a while, but it didn’t became any beach wheatear. So me and sofia went out on a café. We  bought something to drink and eat and just talked.         Dad picked us up after a while and dove us to Callosa, where Sofia lives. We spent much of the day at them before dad and I drove home.
3. June 21:21

The middle school has tentamen week this week, which means that I have to be in a group room all alone and do my own school stuff. But luckily we can go 12:00.
Around 14:30 I met Simon and we walked to to the bus stop, but we decided to take a cab, because Sofia had already waited half an hour at us.
We drove to Alfaz where we met Sofia and bought some thing to the picnic we was going to have with Markus and Ole.
We walked to the » Scandinavia park» where we met them, and we tried to fire up the grill and make the food. But none of us could handle that kind of grill, so we had to ask the Mexicans next to us for help, which everybody except me thought was very embarrassing, but we got our food and packed our stuff. We walked to «Casa cutura» where dad picket us up and drove us to Simon. We jumped at the trampoline and listened to music before we went out in the town to get some ice cream and go to the beach. When we sat down at the ice cream bar the lady in the cashier raged at us and said that we couldn’t buy ice cream because we were Norwegian and she told us that called her crazy, that we thought we were so much better than her, but she really had a much better life than us, that we just played stupid and that we couldn’t be here because we didn’t ordered at spanish, witch we really did.. Nothing of the things she said made any sense.
We walked to the beach and talked and played in the water.
After a while Sofia got picked up by her mum so Markus, Ole, Simon and I walked to the ice cream bar to buy a soda just to see if that lady would rage again, but this time she didn’t. She just told the other man who worked there if he could take us instead.
We walked trough the town to buy eat kebab. We sat on the table an ate an talked for a long time until Markus and Ole got picked up and Simon and I walked home together.
4th June

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