På plass Tita igjen etter 2 år! Kitty Karina skriv dagbok på engelsk.

Herleg å ta eit bad igjen i Tita.

Så er me attende til vårt kjære «hjem» i Spania. Kitty Karina og eg skal vere her tri veker. Ho skal gå på den norske skulen, treffe nokre vener frå sist og nyte varmen og den spanske atmosæren.

Kitty Karina likte å koma attende til det gamle rommet sitt

Godt å vere attende. I denne stua har me kosa oss i over 300 dagar..

Eg tekte eg skulle få tid til å skrive litt igjen, på idear og manus kanskje. Eller så har eg ein del skulearbeid å gjere for Rvgs og må jo hjelpe til litt med Karina sine oppgåver.

Kitty Karina vitja Sondre og Tuva dagen etter me kom til Albir

Så langt har med gjort lite, berre tri dagar så langt, men me har vitja nokre folk, eg har sjekka synet mitt og prøva briller. Eg er blitt så lei av å skifta opptil 150 gonger til dagen, så e tenkte eg ville unne meg nokre progressive…

Robotmannen med supersyn!

No er det valgets kvaler! Kva for ei brille passar meg best?




Fyrste måltid - På Small World. Stamrestauaranten vår.




























19. May 23:07

We’re finally here! This has been a long day. The flight was almost three and a half hours, but it felt like the longest flight ever. But we’re home and safe now. The first hours here I really couldn’t believe that we finally where here. We live in the same house we did two years ago, and I feel like I’m at home here. I already miss Norway, but this couldn’t compare to how much I’ve missed Spain when I was in Norway! I haven’t had so much contact with my friends, because we don’t have Internet yet. They only know that I’m here. I can’t wait to see them again..

20. May 22:22

It started as a beautiful day, the sun was shining, not a cloud on the sky. We visited Sondre. It was very good to see him again. Sondre was my best guy-friend when I lived here, and he hasn’t changed a bit, he’s still the exact same guy. Later that day the whether changed, the sky was filled with clouds and the wind got very heavy. We went to town and we met Sofia and her friend Madelene. Sofia and I agreed to eat out later, but that didn’t happend because it’s something wrong with my phone. We was supposed to fix that by visiting a internet-shop, where I was able to contact my friends in Norway and get Sofia’s number. The last hours of the day dad and I watched a movie.

21. May 20:59

It’s weird how someone who oversaw you the first time you met and got you to feel so alone, can mean so much to you now. I met Sofia today, and she hasn’t changed as person at all. We talked and laughed a lot. 10th grade had exams today, so we, 5th to 9th grade learned to play tennis. I enjoyed it very much, it was very fun. I walked home with Sofia and we hade something to talk about all the way home, i’t really easy to talk to her. It wasn’t as sunny today as it was yesterday, but it was comfortable temperature on circa 25 degrees. We also had our first of many homemade meal today.

22. May 23:48

The summer-feeling is here indeed! The sun is shining and the temperature is perfect. To sit in a classroom isn’t the first thing I would do in this weather. It was the first real school day today, nothing special really. The school day didn’t fulfill my expectations at all. Almost everything has changed, people, teachers, and there is new people here now and the old ones is gone.. But that’s kind of what I expected after two years. Beside of all the thoughts, the day was fine. Our class, which is three persons with me, and 10th grade went to the beach to play volleyball the last two lessons. But there was a lot of wind at that point, so we walked to Altea and back to Albir to use the time we had. This has been a really chill week, but I have plans with more activity for the rest of the week and weekend…

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  1. Kjekt å lesa bloggen din, Kitty Karina. Det er gjerne slik at ting endrar seg etterkvart som tida går. Du var nok førebudd på det og du. Hels Sofia og Sondre så masse da. Kjekt at dei var «dei same gamle» 🙂


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