Siste 23. mai til 26. mai

Days like these there is almost nothing to write about. School is always the first thing I write about at these days, but school is never a interesting subject, only if it happens something really fascinating that day. But the weather is as nice as it always is here, so the only thing I did when I came from school was to do some of the math homework and lay outside to get a little more tan. When the afternoon came dad and I went to the town and ate at a Mexican restaurant. The only thing I did look forward to today was to visit Sondre and his family and eat together with them, but I realized later that It wasn’t before tomorrow.
23. May 21:32

The sun is lighting up the room every morning, that is the most comfortable way to get up from bed and start a new day! It’s almost weekend and I can’t wait! To hang out with Sofia, Sondre and Simon, lazy-mornings, sun and movie nights! ��
After school Sofia and I went to the beach to get some tan for the swimming activities at school tomorrow. (We have a outside swinging pool at the school). A day at the beach isn’t complete without an ice cream, so we went at the ice cream bar before we went home.
Dad and I have been invited to a tapas dinner at the » Kaspersens».�� As we arrived we were introduced to another family which also where invited. Marita, the daughter of the other family, Tuva, Emil and I talked for a while before we joined the adults and ate. After a while Sondre came and we started talking.
Later Sondre, Emil and I went to Emil’s room and watched some TV. Then the time came when dad and I had to go home and go of to bed.
24. May 0:53

Friday and finally weekend! The school day today was very short, and the two last hours we had p.e and swimming. I really don’t like swimming, because I don’t like to show of my body at public places beside of the beach. The boys and girls are split in two groups during swimming, so the girls had to play basketball the last lesson. I’d forgot shoes so I played without any shoes and socks, which was very hot! And now I am burned under the feet.
When i came home dad and I went to «La Marina», a shopping center. And we spent the rest of the day there. I don’t think I’ve ever bought so much clothes at one time in my entire life.
25. May 00:6

Every day here is a beautiful day. The first time I so when I wake up is to go out in the sun and get a little more tan. After an hour in the sun I call Sofia and we agreed that her and her parents pick me up at Consum, than they drived us to the Benidormbeach. A few hours Sondre and Simon comes and we where at the beach for a while before we went and ate.
Sofia and I where picked up after we’d rented some movies. And we didn’t do so much later that day but to watch the movies and eat lots of candy.
26. May 00:25

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